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Exercise 1

Rev. Robert Ferguson, MATS

25 Jan 2024


First, consult with your medical professional concerning what exercise is right for you.


Exercise, some love it and others hate it, but most fall somewhere in between. Exercise is needed to be physically healthy. It can include running long distances or lifting weights, but one thing is always involved, Willingness.


A desire to exercise must be cultivated. There are those golden children who are athletic, you know those who won the genetic lottery, and it comes easy to them. Most of us must work just having a desire to get off the couch. We come home tired from work or for those who work at home (which is like doing two full time jobs at the same time) from our home office, can I hear kitchen table? When one is tired, they do not want to do more physical stuff. Especially if it is boring.


So how does one cultivate a desire or willingness to exercise. START SMALL! How small one might ask. The real question is how much are you up to? If someone is winded at five minutes of walking, then start there. If someone can walk for an hour, if time permits, start there. The idea is to start where you are at, not where you want to be. Build up to twenty minutes. When I was being trained to stay fit the minimum was twenty minutes of elevated heart rate.


The exercises one ought to do include cardio and strength. I am not talking about being Jessie Owens or Slyvester Stallone. I am talking about just improving what you have. At minimum do two days of cardio and two days of strength training. Cardio can be as simple as walking down the road and strength training as easy as a bottle of water in each hand. Do what you can! As time goes on, exercising becomes a habit and just a part of one’s daily life. Quick note here, not everyone can walk or lift things. What about them? They should talk to their medical professional about what would work for them. I admire people with determination!


What if I miss a day or two, meaning a week or two? DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! Get back up and start again. The only way you lose is if you quit. This is where the really hard part comes into play, making yourself do something you really do not want to do. As my Drill Sargent said, “You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.” Get up and walk around the house for five minutes! Put on some fast praise music and get those hands lifted high! The next big problem is boredom (this is my biggest problem). When you get bored, do something different. Take a different route, change how you strength train. Find a friend to go with you. If you cannot think of anything different, then ask your favorite AI assistant. You know Alexa, Bixby, Siri, or for those who had it, Cortana (the best one).


Put forth an effort and do not buy into the lies that you are not good enough or you need to lose weight before you exercise in public. I have had both of those thoughts, and they are not true. Get out there and set an example for everyone. You can do it, even if you feel awkward. There is much respect for people who try and do not give up. Richard Mercinco would fill the ranks of his SEAL team with those who had been to BUDS two and three times. Why? Because they refused to give up or quit.


To sum it up! Start with where you are at and grow into a bigger program. Put forth and effort and watch yourself grow. Just don’t quit!           

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